The Basics:

Forefoot running falls into the similar categories of barefoot running, natural running, Chi Running and Pose Running. The concept behind all of these running styles is to let our bodies move in the way they were intended to. The best description of this style is to picture yourself on a grassy field with no shoes on. If you were to start running, how would your foot make contact with the ground? The answer for almost everyone is that they would land on their forefoot.  This is the premise behind forefoot running.

This video will help you visualize the difference between a forefoot strike and a heel strike:


Converting from a heel strike to forefoot running is often not easy. It may feel unnatural and will definitely put stress on different parts of your body.  Luckily there are many resources for runners looking to make this transition.  A great resource available for free online is Good Form Running.  They will not only help you understand the keys to a forefoot strike, but also provide lessons on cadence and posture.  Take a look at their instruction on making the transition.

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